Time4 - at the ISPCS and Plugfest 

Time4 Systems is attending the ISPCS and Plugfest in Austin Texas  from 21-25 September. Be sure to drop by our stand.

​....Thanks to co-author Sébastien Jobert of Orange especially for the operator view that using Partial On-Path Support is like swimming among sharks.

Time4 - presentation from ISTF2013 in Lisbon.

The topic of this years ITSF was "Time for phase" and in our talk we focused on the options for  Mobile networks.

Time4 - anounces T410 Edge Grandmaster

The T410 is a revolutionary product that literally turns network synchronization inside out. The smallest grandmaster in the world?

In The News

Mobile networks  - 2G, 3G, 4G, and still evolving

Synchronization is often overlooked in mobile network planning. This however is about to change as the pressure to adopt e.g. Time Division Duplex technologies (TDD) into 4G grows. 

The difference with TDD networks is that they require the neighboring base-stations to switch up-link and down-link transmissions at the same instant, requiring time alignment. For many networks this redefines in what is understood by "synchronization". 

Time4 Systems provides innovative solutions that offer a cost effective transition to TDD with guaranteed performance.

Time for Innovation

Time4 - at the WSTS in San Jose

Time4 Systems will be attending the WSTS in San Jose June 10-12. Be sure to drop by our stand.