Orange and Time4 make joint Work In Progress Presentation on G.8275.1

Time4 attended the 2013 ISPCS in Lemgo Germany and presented a Work In Progress presentation that was produced together with Orange. The focus of the presentation was to promote the adoption of G.8275.1 (which is still under development in the ITU-T) as a global standard for accurate time distribution in Mobile networks. The benefits of guaranteed performance are graphically portrayed in the presentation. Thanks to co-author Sébastien Jobert of Orange especially for the operator view that using Partial On-Path Support is like swimming among sharks. Thanks also to Tanja Hann for the brilliant artwork. 

 10th June - Time4 announces the T410 Edge Grandmaster in an SFP.

The T410 literally turns network synchronization networks inside out. It starts at the edge and provides operators with a low-cost, easily deployable synchronization solution without any additional footprint. 
The T410 is a IEEE1588 Grandmaster that fits into the SFP slot of the host devices . The host is typically an aggregation switch router or microwave radiolink. There are also advantages to deploying the T410 directly into basestations.The T410 offers flexibility and a high level of integration. The T410 is probably the smallest Grandmaster in the world and supports IEEE1588 and Synchronous Ethernet. Get the datasheet.



5-7 November - Time4 presenting at ISTF2013 in Lisbon Portugal.

The theme of this years International Telecommunications Synchronization Forum (ITSF) is "Time for phase". In our talk we focus on the implementation options for Mobile networks needing to achieve phase alignment with microsecond accuracy. The main drivers being: guaranteed performance and cost efficiency, followed by the secondary driver for maximizing the re-use of existing investments.

There's still time to register for the 2013 ITSF. Also check out last years papers at 

Time4 News

Sept 2013 - Time4 Systems Inter-op testing at the ISPCS Plugfest

The 2013  IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication was held in Lemgo Germany on 25-27 September. Prior to the conference (Sept 22nd-24th) was the PlugFest event where Time4 was one of the 33 organizations testing their IEEE1588 implementations.

Click on the picture to view the complete poster.​

We successfully tested our Grand Master Clock implementation with Chronos, Meinberg, and Tellabs. Time4 was one of the very few companies present with implementations of pre-standard G.8275.1. Time4 also brought a 8609 switch from Tellabs to the plugfest and in addition to taking part in IEEE1588 testing the 8609 became the hub for Synchronous Ethernet testing (which is still a new feature for some vendors ;-).

The ISPCS Plugfest is an excellent opportunity to perform interoperability testing on all manor of IEEE1588 products in a  rigorous, but safe environment. The three days of testing are very extensive and the maturity of participating products and the IEEE1588 industry in general is improved. Next year's ISPCS and Plugfest will be in Austin Texas.

Sept 2014 - Time4 Systems Inter-op testing at the ISPCS Plugfest

Time4 Systems is attending the the 2014  IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication in Austin Texas on 21-22 September. We will have some pre-production units of our T410 SFP based Grandmaster taking part in the testing.

Time4 Systems is one of the sponsors of the ISPCS  conference that follows the Plugfest from Sept 23nd-25th.

Be sure to drop by out stand.

June 10-12  - Time4 at the WSPS in San Jose.

Time4 Systems attended the  23rd Annual NIST-ATIS Synchronization workshop in San Jose

Many thanks to all the folks who dropped by our stand. Visitors to our stand were treated to both outstanding synchronizations products especially the T410 Grandmaster that was announced during the event and and also to some outstanding coffee.