T4 Edge Grand Masters

Announcing the T410 - a IEEE1588 Grand Master in SFP mechanics

The T410 literally turns network synchronization networks inside out. It starts at the edge and provides operators with a low-cost, easily deployable synchronization solution without any additional footprint. The T410 is a IEEE1588 Grandmaster that fits into the SFP slot of the host devices . The host is typically an aggregation switch router or microwave radiolink. There are also advantages to deploying the T410 directly into basestations.The T410 offers flexibility and a high level of integration. The T410 is probably the smallest Grandmaster in the world and supports IEEE1588 and Synchronous Ethernet.

. The deployment case where synchronization backup needs to be achieved over legacy networks can also be supported  (a pre-standard G.8275.2 solution). The high performance dual frequency GNSS engine allows deployment in challenging locations such as urban canyons.

The T410 datasheet is available here.